Come Out In Jesus Name: A Fiery Film About Revival and Deliverance

If you are looking for a movie that will challenge your faith, inspire your spirit, and expose the reality of the spiritual warfare, then you might want to check out Come Out In Jesus Name. This is a documentary film that follows the journey of Pastor Greg Locke and his fellow preachers who are sparking a revival in the Christian Church by casting out demons in Jesus name. The film is set to release on Monday, March 13, 2023, and will be followed by a live event where the audience can participate in a mass deliverance session. Here are some reasons why you should watch this film and how to find come out in jesus name showtimes near you.

The Story Behind the Film

Come Out In Jesus Name is produced by Locke Media and Global Vision Bible Church, the ministry of Pastor Greg Locke. Pastor Locke is known as one of the most controversial pastors in America, who has been outspoken about his views on politics, culture, and religion. He has also been criticized for his unconventional methods of preaching and ministering, such as using social media, live streaming, and street evangelism.

However, in 2022, Pastor Locke experienced a radical transformation in his life and ministry after he encountered the power of God in a supernatural way. He began to see signs and wonders, healings and miracles, and most importantly, demons being cast out of people in Jesus name. He realized that he had been missing a vital aspect of the gospel: the authority and dominion that believers have over the enemy through the name of Jesus.

He decided to change his approach and lead his church into a legitimate revival, where people would not only hear the word of God, but also experience the power of God. He also connected with other preachers who shared his vision and passion for deliverance, such as Isaiah Saldivar, Vlad Savchuk, Daniel Adams, Chiara Clark, Leon Du Preez, Mike Signorelli, Tai Locke, Alexander Pagani, and Henry Shaffer. Together, they formed a network of demon slayers who are traveling across the nation and the world to set people free from demonic oppression and possession.

The film documents the beginnings of their journey, showing how they encountered resistance and persecution from both the world and the religious system, but also how they witnessed amazing testimonies of God’s grace and glory. The film also reveals the biblical basis and practical steps for deliverance ministry, as well as the challenges and dangers that come with it.

The Purpose of the Film

The film is not meant to be a sensational or sensationalized portrayal of demonology or exorcism. Rather, it is meant to be an educational and inspirational tool that will equip and empower believers to walk in their God-given authority and destiny. The film aims to:

  • Expose the reality and activity of the demonic realm in our world today
  • Show the necessity and urgency of deliverance ministry in the Church
  • Demonstrate the power and authority that believers have in Jesus name
  • Teach the principles and procedures of deliverance ministry
  • Inspire faith and courage in believers to confront and overcome the enemy
  • Ignite a revival fire in the hearts of believers to seek God’s presence and power

How to Find Come Out In Jesus Name Showtimes

The film will be released on Monday, March 13, 2023, in select theaters across the country. It will be followed by a live event where Pastor Locke and his fellow demon slayers will lead a supernatural mass deliverance session for anyone who needs it. The event will also be live streamed online for those who cannot attend in person.

If you are interested in watching this film and participating in this event, you can find come out in jesus name showtimes near you by visiting one of these websites:

  • Fandango: You can buy tickets online or through their app, and earn double rewards when you do so.
  • or 1: You can find local showtimes and movie tickets for Come Out In Jesus Name in your state.
  • Showcase Cinemas: You can check the latest movie times for Come Out In Jesus Name at Showcase Cinemas.
  • AMC Theatres: You can watch trailers and videos for Come Out In Jesus Name at AMC Theatres.

Don’t miss this opportunity to watch Come Out In Jesus Name and experience a breakthrough in your life. This film will challenge you to come out of your comfort zone, come out of your bondage, and come out in Jesus name!

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